With president Kennedy's assassination, there have been doubts about what happened for some time. Rifle shots were fired from a building behind Kennedy, and no doubt by Lee Harvey Oswald, but was there a second or third shooter that day? Colin McLaren argues in his book - 'JFK The Smoking Gun' that the fatal bullet was of a different kind, that exploded on impact, and the evidence was that this bullet had come from behind and to the left. Apparently, the evidence was pretty clear on this point. However, Colin McLaren then went on to argue that this shot was fired by accident by a Secret Service agent, which was pretty unlikely, really. Whilst I was watching a recording of one of the films taken of the incident, and zooming in on images on the TV where I had taken pictures with a camera, I saw some strange things in the images of two figure, (apparently an articifical hand holding up a camera, and one of the figures apparently wearing a mask). These figures were thought to be that of Jean Hill, (in red), and Mary Moorman, (in blue), - and who was supposedly taking pictures with a polaroid camera), but who I have come to believe, after looking into this, are not those woman, and are in fact other people, probably men, dressed to appear as those women, one or both carrying weapons, and that one of them fired the fatal shot that killed the president.

This is a close up of these two figures. To my mind, the first 'suspicious' thing, when looking at the person in blue, is that what looks like that person's right hand isn't a hand - it seems to be very much artificial in some way, perhaps a piece of wood/metal that has been coloured pink. If one then looks down at the right sleeve of 'her' coat, this sleeve is very wide - almost as if there's a gun hidden in it, or a gun is resting on top of the sleeve... Therefore it looks as if that person is wearing a frame of some sort, allowing for sighting in some kind of viewer with the left eye, and perhaps pulling of a trigger with the right hand, or that the gun is remotely triggered, also at eye level...

More details

This is just before the final shot, (not shown - where the shot is seen exploding in Kennedy's head). The person in dark blue has now moved so that 'her' right arm is in line with the president - as if a gun is being lined up to fire. The person in red has a body posture in keeping with firing a weapon - to my mind.

Just before the final shot

This is just before the final shot, I think, and is an extract from the Nix film. The figure in blue can just be seen.

Just before the final shot - from the Nix film

This is an extract from the Marie Muchmore film, and seems to very near, or at, the point where the final shot hit. (See what looks like a reddish mist at Kennedy's head). Note also how this is just about at the optimum time when the two figures can best take a shot - and not hit Jacqui Kennedy or a motorcycle outrider. Note the postures of the two figures, and how similar they are, and how awkwardly the figure in red is standing, especially 'her' right arm, and also how the figure in blue's camera doesn't seem to be quite in the right position. To the right can be seen the group of three, Charles Brehm and his son and - with the figure to the rear, wearing a white headscarf and brown clothing, apparently taking a photograph. I believe this to be the so-called Babushka lady, and that she took the photograph(s) that Mary Moorman was supposed to have taken.

Muchmore film, at approx the fatal shot

This is an extract from the Marie Muchmore film, and seems to just after the final shot hit. Note how shocked one person in the background appears to be - (from his body posture), but how unchanged are the positions of the figure in blue and in red. The 'camera' that the figure in blue is holding can no longer be seen, as if that person has let it drop to further down 'her' chest - a much more appropriate action if that person has just finished firing a weapon, than that of a woman who has just seen a violent shooting.

Muchmore film, after the fatal shot

The image to the left is a close up of 'Mary Moorman' from behind. Although the definition is bad, see how what might be thought of as her right arm is in fact very straight indeed, and there's nothing very much like a hand with fingers in evidence. The image to the right is of 'Jean Hill' from behind, and note: how awkward her stance is, with her hand high up on 'her' chest, and how she seems to be leaning backward.

Mary Morman, supposedly - close up from behind Jean Hill, supposedly - close up from behind

I suggest that this 'theory' explains why:

  • Jean Hill's witness statements are so contradictory
  • Mary Moorman's famous photo seems to have been taken from somewhere slightly different to where the figure in blue is seen
  • There are suggestions that the president's car slowed down at about the time of shots being heard, and the final shot hitting him.
  • Mary Moorman is a reluctant witness
  • So much dubious activity seems to have gone on to discredit the idea of a second killer - it being very convenient for the organisation that planned this that Lee Harvey Oswald was killed soon afterwards. I believe that obfuscation to cover up what really happened is going on to this day...

Thanks to all the people who have made available images, and theories, on the net. Apologies that I haven't been able to name people personally, especially the one who pointed out that the figure in blue, when viewed from behind, has no way of holding up a camera properly, and doesn't have a right hand doing that...