If it is accepted that one of these two figures fired the fatal shot, then to me a number of things follow: That the police officer(s) who were responsible for the area of grass on the further side of Elm Street must have been bribed/persuaded to let these figures in - and given the lack of people in this area when other places were crowded - then other figures seen in this area in the Zapruder film are also suspect, including...

Groups of people before the red and blue figures appear, possibly people afterwards, and groups of people seen running from a distance away, (these last people are running at a time when few people seemed to have realised what happened, and I suspect they helped implicated figures get away without being noticed. (See the pages 'Other Assassins' and 'My Theory' for more on this).

If the presidential limousine did slow down, so that a fatal shot could be better delivered, then the driver would of course be suspect.

If the original shooter, probably indeed from the Texas Book Store Depository, had been able to shoot Kennedy dead, then there would be no need to carry on with any more attempts on his life. Thus, if there were any people involved in signalling, then they would be part of the plot. (Incidentally, it's my opinion that the group that were involved in this would want to 'employ' the best shots possible, (leaving as little as possible to chance), and therefore I believe Lee Harvey Oswald was indeed set up to carry the can for the shooting, with somebody else shooting from that building.)

The area near to the road on the other side of the road is strangly devoid of crowds at the time of the shooting, which would suggest that the group behind this realised that bullets might be flying in that direction, and made efforts to not have many people there. But, just after the shooting, there are an awful lot of people in the area.

So if to this tally is added all of the people that were involved in confusing evidence from Kennedy's body and the post mortem, the evidence and findings of the Warren commission, then there are many people involved - and which goes against the idea that Lee Harvey acted alone.

Let us look again at the people standing in groups on that piece of grass before the shooting...

On looking at a video clip that has been on YouTube, (The FRENCH Zapruder Film version 2012 stabilized slow Mo JFK), and turning the sound up - there seem to be other people taking shots at the president, judging by their actions in comparision to the sound track... The first of these is shown below, from frames z230 and z233. The figure in light blue, with a black bib (?), (to my mind), seems to level a gun at the president's car, fire and then put the gun down, and put his left hand behind his back. The other person seen, just behind, seems to not change his posture at all, and is presumably therefore an accomplice - or has he got a gun as well?

Figure in light blue 1 Figure in light blue 2

The next group of figures seem innocuous. The man in white is apparently called Charles Brehm, and he claims to be clapping. (See elsewhere for thoughts on why this person might be implicated in the plot, and is there a sound of a gunshot at roughly the time he might be in position to shoot?). The young man to his right is, apparently his 5 year old son, and seems to be gesticulating at one point, and to my mind not in a good way. The figure behind is blurred, but is more detailed in other films from behind. I believe that she is the so-called Babushka lady, as named by people who have studied the assassination, and does indeed seem to be taking photographs. She has never come forward or been identified. (If I am right in saying that the figure in blue didn't take photographs but rather is wielding a gun, then this person must have taken the so-called Moorman photo - and somehow 'given' it to Mary Moorman.)

What happens to this group after the shooting? If I right that the figures in blue and red both fired shots, and that these shots were loud enough to be registered as gunshots, then surely the people in this second group would have heard them as being very close, and been very suspicious of the figures in red and blue. Charles Brehm says he heard three shots, but he says nothing about any suspicions of these two figures. I believe the 'Babushka' lady is 'already' implicated in that she is the one that calmly takes photographs before, at and after the assassination, (these photos somehow being 'given' to Mary Moorman at some time after the shooting). Leaving aside the boy, then it seems to me that Charles Brehm must have been implicated in some way - and presumably known something about the Babushka lady, who seemed to be part of their group. See below, to the right, for an image taken at or about the time of the shooting and showing how close Charles Brehm is to the event - he is the figure on the far right...

Charles Brehm,  his son, and the 'Babushka lady' Murchmore film scene, showing figures in red and blue, the 'Babushka lady' and Charles Brehm

A final thought - the group that did this would want to keep their cover-up activiites quiet afterwards, and to keep covering things up for some time afterwards. Do many of the so-called 'conspiracy theories' originate from this group in order to obfuscate what happened and to make the truth even harder to believe!?

Rather than saying there was a conspiracy, I think it is better to say that a massive amount of money and organisation/bribery must have gone into this, involving many people in various organisations. So, what organisation could have done all this?

President Krushkov would have felt humiliated after the Cuban crisis, so he might have felt motivated to try this - or to finance another organisation to carry it out...

I have heard that the Mafia had put pressure on some electors to help Kennedy to get into power, and had then expected a payback of some kind, which didn't come. Apparently, also, at this time, Bobby Kennedy was actively trying to bring prominent members of the Mafia to book. So, I am suspicious of it being one of these organisations mentioned, or one financing the other?