This is to publicise an informal competition, where it is hoped that entrants can take one of the Zapruder images, probably ZF303, (which can be downloaded from this site), and bring out enough details, prohably using Photoshop, to convince people seeing the image that the figure in blue does not have a camera to their face, and the figure in red does have some sort of mask about their face, or otherwise go some way to 'prove', as much as it can be proved, that these two were involved in the way I suggest.

I plan to pay £150 UK pounds to the person that I feel has done this.

In the interests of being as 'scientific' as possible, I will also pay out that sum of money to anybody who is able to prove in a very definite way that I am wrong.

To enter please download images as required, send the adapted images, or other 'evidence', through to me via email, and giving details as to your name, address, and how you have obtained the images, etc....

Please also indicate whether you are willing to have your work shown on this website, whether or not you have won this competition.