What about immediately after the shooting?

If my theory is correct, then the two figures are left at the scene carrying guns and looking very suspicious. One suggestion for what they do next is to exit very quickly, and for the real Mary Moorman and Jean Hill to appear, later, at the scene. There follows a link to a website where film clips can be shown, so you are invited to look at this at some stage.... Below there are images relating to this issue....

I have started another website so that I can show film clips directly, and with especially interest in trying to show clips from the Mark Bell film, which I believe is the best one available to try show strange things going on with these two figures - .... The website is at: https://vivandrob.wixsite.com/website https://vivandrob.wixsite.com/website

See below for a frame from the Mark Bell film taken just after the shooting and note the figure towards the top, in red. This then could be the figure in red departing, and possibly the figure in blue as well - with the torso of this figure not showing up well, except - perhaps part of one leg showing as white? See images below for more on this. Note, also: the figure below, on the steps with the white headscarf and brown coat. Is this the so-called 'Babushka lady'? This frame is taken from the Mark Bell film, but the chronology of events is not clear. The next frames are an attempt to put things in time order....

A person in red, and possibly the figure in blue leaving the scene, and group nearer to road

This is to remind ourselves of the appearance of the red and blue figures just before the shooting. It is a frame taken from the Abraham Zapruder film.

Frame from Abraham Zapruder film just before the fatal shot

This seems to be the first appearance of these figures after the fatal shot and the president's limousine had left the area. Note: how few other people are around, and how the figures are sitting down, and that they have mysteriously gone to the other side of the so-called Babushka lady and Charles Brehm and his son, who are lying down - as would make sense in the immediate aftermath of the fatal shot.

First sighting of the blue and red figures after the fatal shot - from the Mark Bell film

There is a 2nd view, rather fleetingly, of these figures, after some seconds have passed. This frame concentrates on the blue figure, now standing. Note: the presence of more people in this area.

2nd view of - blue figure - now standing, from the Mark Bell film

There is a 2nd view, rather fleetingly, of these figures, after some seconds have passed. This frame concentrates on the red figure, now standing. Note: the presence of more people in this area.

2nd view of - red figure - now standing, from the Mark Bell film

This is a 3rd view of this area, believed to be seconds after the images above, but how many seconds after is not clear. Note the figures at the top of the screen, which may be the red figure outlined before, but now with apparently longer white socks/leggings on. And also possibly the so-called Babushka lady, - and note she seems to be at the scene for quite a time - so in my 'theory' there are two Babushka ladies, as well as the duplication of red and blue figures - the last appearance of them being, in my view, the real Jean Hill and real Mary Moorman.

Possible red figure and Babushka lady at top of picture

The image to the left is another attempt to look at the area behind the figure wearing red - who incidentally seems to be running. There can just be seen two white/light areas where that person's feet/lower legs would be, and a shadow cast by that person's body. Also, possibly, a round area where that person's head might be.

The image to the right is where these people have gotten further up the stairs, and the possible 'figure in blue' is near to the top of the stairs, the red figure almost out of sight. But look at the shadow on the wall - this seems to indicate somebody holding something at chest level, which seems strange - but fitting in with my theory - and here suggesting that the figures in blue and red fled the scene quickly after the shooting. These film extracts from the Mark Bell film also suggest that the figure below them is the so-called 'Babushska lady', and that if she is still shown in subsequent photos then there were two people dressed and standing/behaving in a similar manner. Hard to believe, I know.

A person in red running, and possibly the figure in blue behind The shadow of somebody fleeing - possibly the figure in blue

This is a picture in the aftermath of the shooting, taken by Jay Skaggs. Note: how the figure in blue has gone to the other side of the 'Babushka lady', and seems to be wearing a much longer coat. The figure in red seems to be joining her by walking in front of the 'Babushka lady'.

An image taken from internet, called Skaggs photo, and showing JK and MM soon after the fatal shot

In this picture, to the left, can be seen a figure in blue, and somebody with a red top, but a dark skirt, and dark legs/boots - very different to how the figure in red was dressed...

Another aftermath image, but showing JH in red top, and dark skirt and dark boots/leggings...

The figure in blue also has to produce photographs taken near the scene - because, of course, 'she' appears to be taking photographs with a camera held to 'her' face. One way for this to happen is for someone to take her away in order to have the film developed, (presumably taken by someone else, and the figure to the rear of the man, woman and boy group could have been responsible for taking that photograph. I believe that woman is the so-called 'Babushka lady', who has never been traced.) Mary Moorman claimed that someone called Jim Featherstone did come up to her and arranged to have her taken to the local police station, wanting her photos to be officially recorded, since they would be of great importance. See below then, where there is shown a scene just after the shooting, and towards the left of the image, the figure in blue, and - either the real Mary Moorman or not, meeting with this person called Jim Featherstone, just after the shooting. The image to the right is this part of the scene, zoomed in on upon, as it were.

Scene after the shooting showing MM and Jim Featherstone Mary Moorman, or the figure in blue, zoomed in

Here is a reproduction of the well known 'Moorman photo', thought to be taken by Mary Moorman, and representing the closest photograph taken in time and distance to the hitting of the fatal shot. As said, I suspect that the person called 'the Babushka lady' took it and was somehow able to 'give' the camera/or photograph to Mary Moorman. There are indeed researchers who think Mary Moorman couldn't have taken it from the position that the figure in blue was in at that exact time - please search the web for more information on that...

the well known and so-called 'Moorman Photograph'

More on Mary Moorman - shown below, to the left: the real Mary Moorman, and in the centre is a cropped image from photos where she is talking to Jim Featherstone. To the right an excerpt from the Zapruder film of the figure in blue. It is hoped that these images taken from the front, of Mary Moorman/the figure in blue are helpful in trying to see what went on...

Real Mary Moorman Mary Moorman talking to Jim Featherstone - cropped Figure in blue from frame 303, Zapruder film

More images to do with Mary Moorman/the figure in blue - The image to the left is from the Zapruder film, frame 298. The image to the right was taken after the shooting. Note: the length of 'her' coat, which seems longer in the image to the right, and - possibly? - are her socks/trousers now a darker colour?

Mary Moorman/figure in blue before the final shot Mary Moorman/figure in blue after the final shot

More on Jean Hill/the figure in red - shown below, to the left: Taken from frame 298 of the Zapruder film - note this person's right shoe, and the whiteness of all of the shoe. In the middle: the red and blue figures seen before the shooting. To the right: from an image taken by Jay Skaggs, and the figure in red is just seen behind the 'Babushka lady' - and note a triangular area of her shoe that is dark or black.

Figure in red from frame 298 of the Zapruder film Two figures before the shooting Figure in red crossing the Babushka lady after the shooting

However, this all goes to explain why:

  • Jean Hill's witness statements are so contradictory
  • Mary Moorman's famous photo seems to have been taken from somewhere slightly different to where the figure in blue is seen
  • The suggestions that the president's car slowed down at about the time of shots being heard, and the final shot hitting him.
  • Mary Moorman is a reluctant witness
  • So much dubious activity seems to have gone on to discredit the idea of a second killer - it being very convenient for the organisation that planned this, that Lee Harvey Oswald was killed soon afterwards. If the Zapruder film was changed to cover up certain parts of what happened, then some of those changes now make sense...

Thanks to all the people who have made available images, and theories, on the net. Apologies that I haven't been able to name people personally, especially the one who pointed out that the figure in blue, when viewed from behind, has no way of holding up a camera properly, and doesn't have a right hand doing that...